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Thursday, 19 Apr 2018
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Why 'Square' Panels


Salient Features of ‘SQUARE’ make Panels


  • Our panels have been tested successfully by Central Power Research Institute(Bhopal) for 'Verification of short Circuit Strength' at 50KA for a time of 1 second as per IS 8623.
  • We Use Non-Hygroscopic SMC supports for Busbar for high mechanical and electrical strength.
  • Due to high tracking Index, our panels can withstand high values of fault current.
  • Our panels are cubical type with modular design for efficient and accurate distribution.
  • Our panels are most dynamic nature as they are fabricated, designed and painted as per the wishes of our customers.
  • Our engineering skill helps us to distinguish ourselves in the way we use the allocation of resources and arrangement of panels.
  • We look at our customers as scope for growth and hence we standardize with them to meet high quality and accuracy needs.
  • Our integrated setup helps us to reduce lead time.
  • Our use of engraved ferrules and labels makes our panel easy to use and very easy to comprehend and train.
  • All Power and Control Wiring terminals are brought out through Cable Alley for easy cable termination.
  • We provide high quality and efficient distribution by providing Quality Assurance Plan.
  • We believe that the customer's need for efficient panels is our area of expertise and we excel at it.