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Wednesday, 21 Mar 2018
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Tests and Standards




Routine tests shall be conducted on the Panels in accordance with IS: 8623 and shall comprise:


  • Inspection of the Panels includes inspection of wiring and electrical operational tests.
  • Dielectric Tests at High Voltage.
  • Insulation Test at 1000 volt.
  • Checking of Protective Measures and electrical continuity of the protective circuits.
  • Relay testing and setting.








The equipments shall be designed to conform to the requirements of:


  • IS: 8623- Factory Built Assemblies of Switchgear and Control Gear.
  • IS: 375- Marking and Arrangement for Switchgear Bus Bar etc.
  • IS: 2147- Degree of Protection provided by enclosure for low voltage Switchgear and Control Gear.
  • IS: 2516 Air Circuit Breakers of voltages not exceeding 1000V AC.
  • IS: 4064- Fuse Switch and Switch Fuse Units for voltage not exceeding 1000V AC.
  • IS: 9224 HRC Fuse Links.
  • IS: 2705- Current Transformers.
  • IS: 1248- Indicating Instruments.
  • IS: 6875- Control Switches & Push Buttons.
  • IS: 4237 General requirements for switch Gear & Control Gear.