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DustFre Vaccuum Cleaner

A powerful yet compact cleaning solution for all your needs

Multiple Attachments

Choose from a range of attachments which can provide you with deep cleaning and access to hard to reach places. In addition to cleaning of fragile equipment. We have attachments for all your needs.

Energy Effiicient

Although we provide a 1000W power rating your electricity bill will still stay low and use the complete range of capabilities of the Dustfre Vaccuum cleaner.



Dustfre is a highly portable and flexible product providing you with easy way of storage and detachable attachments the Dustfre Cleaner provides freedom from bulkiness of other vaccuum cleaners. 


Dustfre is easily serviceble. We pride on our durablity of our product and provide 3 years Warranty. Also call us any time from the contact us page to help you in your service

Ready for a new era of cleanliness